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Final ReportFinal Report

Structure of the Final Report

The same on both the worksheets and the final reports ( the stamp for the worksheets).

Materials and Methods
In this part the description of the measurement methods and the scheme of the experimental setups is given. The remarks informing about the equipment accuracy are required.

Brief Theoretical Introduction
1 page including the theoretical background of the experiment; the theory of the observed phenomena, some formulas and figures are appreciated. This part should give the clear aim of the experiment, explaining what objects were measured and why, as well the outline of the expected results.

This section contains all the data you have obtained. Data processing and sufficient calculations are described. The diagrams and  figures with captions are shown.  All the results should be given with their uncertainties.

Error Analyzes
The section contains the errors calculations. If there are systematic errors you should try to explain them and their quantitative effects on your data/calculations.

Results Discussion and Conclusions
In this section you should be critical towards the obtained results. Are they in accordance with the predicted theoretical investigations? It should include the short summary of the experiment procedure, the final conclusions about your results and general experimental conditions. The comperision to the real (theoretical) values is required.