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Laboratory Schedule and General InformationLaboratory Schedule and General Information

Only for students from MiNI and EiTI Faculties

Laboratory Schedule and General Information

  1. There are 5 meetings during the course: initial lecture, 3 obligatory experiments and 1 extra session.
  2. Each student has to complete 3 experiments.
  3. Each experiment should be finished during separate 3 hrs session. It is not allowed to continue one experiment during the next meeting.
  4. The experimental work will be performed in the groups of 2-3 people.
    • Each group is treated as unity. You are responsible one for each other.
    • Students cannot change their groups and each group remains the same until the end of the Laboratory Course.
    • The list of groups with assigned experiments will be placed on the notice-board located near the Laboratory entrance.
    • Do not let one person to dominate in group! All partners should agree on exactly what needs to be done and how to performe each         task.
    • Please bring the paper case with the group data for the next meeting.
  5. Read your laboratory instructions before coming to the classes.
  6. The equipment required for each of experiment is taken from the laboratory staff at the beginning of the classes (ID cards are required). The equipment should be returned to the proper place at the end of classes.
  7. Any losses or damage must be reported. It is your responsibility to take care of the laboratory equipment. The group that caused the damage is obligated to cover the replacement  (or service) cost for this equipment.
  8. Do not touch any equipment until instructed.
  9. The experimental procedure must be realized following strictly the supervisor instructions.
  10. If you have doubts about any procedure, ask your assistant.
  11. Be careful when operating electrical equipment. In particular:
    • the laboratory working surface, equipment and your hands should be dry,
    • do not change anything in the electric circuits without supervisor permission,
    • any changes in circuit should be done when all power supplies are switched off,
    • check all cords and plugs to be sure they are not broken,
    • look for exposed or broken wires and insulation,
    • the operating range of the meters should be maximal and the working range of the power supplies minimal when switched on,
    • ! use plug to disconnect equipment from the socket.