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Safety Rules and General Regulations in the Main Laboratory of PhysicsSafety Rules and General Regulations in the Main Laboratory of Physics

The basic rules are:

  1. You have to be in time. Students coming in late (more than 15 minutes) must consider the fact that they may not get the permission to    admit the Laboratory.
  2. Leave your jackets in a cloakroom  (downstairs, close to the main entrance).
  3. Eating, drinking, smoking, using the mobile phones is not allowed in the Laboratory.
  4. Both your safety and the safety of others depends on your behavior and attitude.
  5. Listen to ALL instructions given by the supervisors and follow them carefully.
  6. All students are obligated to have the valid student identity cards during the classes.
  7. Students may not leave their workspace without the assistants permission. Especially they may not go around the Laboratory, disturbing other groups.
  8. Notify your supervisor of any accident regardless of its importance. If you are injured inform the assistant to receive the first aid immediately.
  9. Do not apply voltage to the electric circuits until controlled by the supervisor.
  10. Do not modify the measurement setups.
  11. Switch all power supplies off and make an order after your measurements.
  12. PCs are used for the controlling and operating experiments only. It is prohibited (under the threat of the complete exclusion from the Laboratory) to use own data storage medium or other software than required.

Be responsible !
Do not do anything stupid !
If you do not know what to do - ask your supervisor !